2023-01-25 18:29:28

Kansas Gov. Calls Anti-Medical Marijuana Law 'Ridiculous,' GOP Senate Pres Is Not Convinced

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By Nina Zdinjak

Kansas Gov. Laura Kelly (D) delivered her State of the State address on Tuesday in which she shared herplans for the year. Among the most outstanding included awarning to the Republican-controlled Legislature that she will not support irresponsible tax proposals or education changes that would pitparents against teachers.

And she calledfor the legalization ofmedical marijuana.

Theres another common-sense way to improve health care here in Kansas and thats to finally legalize medical marijuana, Kellysaid.

She highlighted that across 39 other states, Americans suffering from various disorders, like PTSD, chronic painand seizures have legal access to medical marijuana, and that the majority of doctors support allowing it forpain management and palliative care.

Current Cannabis Law Is Ridiculous

Kelly then mentioned a sad story, whenpolice raided a dying mans hospital roomfor cannabis extracts. A 69-year-old patient, Greg Bretz, at the Hays Medical Centerwas in the final stages of terminal and inoperable cancer was facing arrest for possessing a vaping device and edible THC paste.

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