Kamala Harris' Sensitivity To Criticism Causes Frustration In Biden's West Wing: New Book Reveals

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2023-09-04 09:18:49  • 2 mins

Journalist Franklin Foers upcoming book The Last Politician sheds light on Kamala Harris perceived insecurity and how colleagues have referred to her rabbit ears in relation to criticism, Fox News reported.

The book suggests that Harris does not ignore criticism. Instead, she wants to find out who criticized her and what they said, thereby letting the criticism guide her and creating a rift in the Biden administration.

According to Foer, Harris sensitivity to criticism led her to sideline her Central America assignment, missing a chance for a significant accomplishment.

The book also reveals that President Joe Biden, while treating Harris with respect, did not assign her the substantive role he played during the Obama administration.

Foer mentions that Harris has made her life overly difficult by imposing numerous self-constraints and that she is always on the lookout for newissues to add to herportfolio.

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