Intel breakdowns and 'black holes': How foreign interference became a political flashpoint

2023-06-06 08:00:00  • 8 mins

Parliament is set to rise for the summer in a few weeks but the contentious debate over foreign interference is likely to continue.

Despite facingcalls to step aside, David Johnston tasked by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau back in March with looking into allegations that China tried to meddle in the past two federal elections has said he plansto continue his work.

Johnston will be holding a series of public hearings over the summer. He'llface MPs'questionswhen he appears beforea House committee Tuesday morning.

The allegations

Citing unnamed national security sources, the Globe and Mail and Global News have reported that Beijing has deployedoperations meant to influence and interfere in Canadian politics includingthe 2019 and 2021 elections.

Those operations allegedlyhave included attempts to intimidate and influence members of Parliament andfundpolitical candidates, and the operation of so-called "police stations" acrossCanada meant to intimidate dissidents and members of Chinese diaspora communities.

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