2023-01-25 22:31:34

Indiana Lawmakers Scale Back on Private School Aid Expansion

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INDIANAPOLIS (AP) Indiana Republicans scaled down a proposed expansion Wednesday of a program allowing parents to spend state money directly on their childs education expenses after critics argued it opened up such payments to private schools by even the wealthiest families.

A state Senate committee voted 8-5 to advance a bill broadening the states Education Scholarship Account program, which was first approved two years ago and limited to students in special education programs.

The committee endorsed setting the same income limits as currently exist in the state's private school voucher program for non-special education students, stepping back from the previous version that would have allowed all families, regardless of income, to qualify for the grants of about $6,000 a year.

The proposed Education Scholarship Account expansion is separate from the states voucher program, which state lawmakers have repeatedly loosened eligibility requirements for since its inception in 2011 amid national debates over whether taxpayer money should fund private schools.

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