What is Humza Yousaf's big plan for Scotland?

2023-09-06 11:14:58  • 7 mins

Humza Yousaf has outlined his plans for the year ahead at Holyrood, with a heavy focus on expanding childcare provision.

What does his first set of legislative plans tell us about Scotland's new first minister, and the factors shaping his government?

Poverty is top priority

If we stand at the beginning of the Humza Yousaf era at Holyrood, then this speech was one of his first chances to lay out the defining mission of his government.

He entered office proudly wearing the mantle of the Nicola Sturgeon continuity candidate, but swiftly moved to ditch some of the more challenging policies hanging over from her time in power.

So what has he replaced them with?

It has been clear since the leadership campaign that social justice is Mr Yousaf's number one priority.

That has continued with talk of the moral imperative of eradicating poverty, and how his faith underlines that you are "not a true Muslim if you have a full stomach while your neighbour goes to bed hungry".

His key idea is that expanded childcare provision is the best way to support families - creating a virtuous circle which helps parents into work, which in turn boosts the economy, providing more cash to support more people.

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