It's not yet clear whether the spending patch has the conservative votes it needs to pass later Friday.
2023-09-29 16:02:22  • 1 min
Some of Speaker Kevin McCarthys most persistent tormentors assembled Friday to defeat a stopgap spending measure to avoid a government shutdown, the latest...
Washington — The House is set to vote on a measure backed by Speaker Kevin McCarthy that would keep the government open for another month at reduced spending...
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2023-09-29 16:48:49  • 1 min
House Republicans failed to come together Friday on a partisan stopgap measure to keep the government funded less than 36 hours ahead of a deadline to avert...
Speaker Kevin McCarthy plans to try to take up a GOP stopgap funding patch that currently doesn't have the votes to pass.
2023-09-29 03:31:18  • 1 min
Keeping the Federal Aviation Administration open, paying the military and an extension of the national flood insurance program would all need Democratic votes.
He wants to cut agencies' spending by nearly 30% and he's not sure if he has the votes.
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2023-09-29 16:56:38  • 1 min
Speaker Kevin McCarthys long-shot attempt to avert a government shutdown failed, with opposition coming both from House Democrats and from hard-right members...
Executing the latest idea -- a "clean" 45-day bill with no money for Ukraine -- would require significant Democratic support.
2023-09-30 13:57:35  • 1 min
House Speaker Kevin McCarthy failed Friday to pass a short-term spending bill with only Republican votes that would keep the government open for another...
Key Points White House officials blasted far-right House Republicans for taking the federal government to the brink of a shutdown this weekend. House Speaker...
2023-09-29 19:21:48  • 1 min
Washington — House Speaker Kevin McCarthy said he would bring up a Republican stopgap measure for a vote on Friday ahead of a looming government shutdown,...
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2023-09-28 18:36:23  • 1 min
WASHINGTON House Speaker Kevin McCarthy is rushing Friday into a last-ditch plan to keep the federal government temporarily open but with steep spending cuts...
2023-09-29 15:14:37  • 1 min
The letter is just the latest data point for how hard it will prove for McCarthy to round up sufficient GOP support for any short-term spending measure.
2023-09-28 19:30:50  • 1 min
Washington — House Republicans voted to advance four conservative spending bills on Tuesday in a long-sought display of unity that nonetheless doesn't move...
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2023-09-27 00:27:28  • 2 mins
By Gareth Evans BBC News The top Republican in the US House of Representatives has said he is optimistic a last-minute deal will be reached to avert a...
2023-09-28 17:02:57  • 1 min
WASHINGTON A government shutdown appeared all but inevitable as House Speaker Kevin McCarthy dug in Thursday, vowing he will not take up Senate legislation...
2023-09-28 17:35:22  • 2 mins
Speaker Kevin McCarthy on Friday was racing ahead with a long-shot bid to pass legislation that would avert a government shutdown at midnight on Saturday,...
Conservative hardliners are privately strategizing who could replace Kevin McCarthy if there is an ouster effort against the speaker. But theyre hitting a...
2023-09-29 01:28:50  • 1 min
The G.O.P. speaker, whose style is to placate his detractors, does not have the Republican votes to keep the government open. He may call the vote anyway....
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2023-09-29 09:02:45  • 2 mins