Hes ruined the place: relief in Uxbridge at Boris Johnsons resignation

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2023-06-10 14:40:39  • 6 mins

It was not until the final paragraphs of Boris Johnsons more than 1,000-word resignation letter after the comments about Brexit revenge, witch-hunts and kangaroo courts that he managed to devote a line or two to the job he would be leaving behind: MP for Uxbridge and South Ruislip.

In Uxbridge town centre the morning after, he was not exactly top of mind for his constituents either, many of whom were disillusioned at the state of British politics. But there was palpable relief at his departure.

Beth, 23, a restaurant manager, was one of several to employ a four-letter expletive to share their feelings about the former prime minister.Good. Bye bye. Finally, again. Hes very good at this by this point.

She had not, however, thought she would see the back of him so soon. I expected him to loiter around like they all do.

Johnson has been the MP for Uxbridge and South Ruislip since 2015. Photograph: Andy Hall/The Observer

She does not believe there is much chance for Labour and the Liberal Democrats here, a seat the Conservatives have held since 1970. But Brooke Montgomery, 18, who is doing her A-levels and hoping to go to Cambridge soon, is more positive.

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