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What the hell are we waiting for? Boris Johnson urges more support for Ukraine now

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By Joe Middleton

Boris Johnson has urged western allies to give Ukraine all the help that they need to defeat Russian military forces, just a day after his surprise visit to the country.

In an editorial renewing his support for the war-torn nation, the former prime minister writes: Look at those brave Ukrainians and answer me this question: just what the hell are we waiting for?

Mr Johnson positioned himself as a key ally of Kyiv during his time at No 10 and has consistently called for further military support for Ukraine.

Writing in the Daily Mail after his most recent trip, he said: The sooner we can help the Ukrainians to their inevitable victory, the sooner their suffering will be over, and the sooner the whole world, including Russia, can begin to recover from Putins catastrophe.

That requires all of us in the West, all the friends of Ukraine, to double and treble our support.

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