Ex-governor general examining allegations of Chinese meddling in Canada steps down

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2023-06-09 22:27:02  • 2 mins

A Canadian government appointee looking into allegations of Chinese interference in Canada announced Friday that he is stepping down from his role, citing the highly partisan atmosphere around his work.

Former Governor General David Johnston said in a letter to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau that his leadership of the governments probe into purported meddling by China has not helped build trust in democratic institutions because of partisanship.

The appointment of Johnston, who said he would release a brief final report, was contentious, with opposition Conservative Party leader Pierre Poilievre accusing him of being too close to Trudeaus family.

All opposition parties in the House of Commons have called for the government to hold a public inquiry into the allegations of foreign interference, but Johnston recently released a report recommending against that.

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