GB News broke impartiality rules when Tory MPs interviewed Hunt, Ofcom finds

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2023-09-18 17:23:14  • 3 mins

GB News breached impartiality rules when two Conservative MPs interviewed the chancellor before the spring budget and failed to represent a wide range of significant views, Ofcom has found.

Esther McVey, a former pensions minister, and her husband Philip Davies, a longstanding MP, were accused of hosting a love-in interview with Jeremy Hunt on 11 March for their weekly morning show on the channel.

The pre-recorded interview aired on a two-hour long programme, Saturday Morning with Esther and Philip, prompted 45 complaints over its failure to preserve impartiality.

GB News said the programme was delivered in an interesting and innovative fashion. The channel added it was disappointed by the broadcasting watchdogs decision and called Ofcoms definition of impartiality imprecise.

After an investigation launched in April, Ofcom found that the programme was overwhelmingly reflective of the viewpoints of different strands of opinion within the Conservative party.

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