2022-11-24 14:59:03

What's the gap between public and private sector pay?

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By Anthony Reuben

BBC Reality Check

A series of strikes has focused attention on the gap between pay in the public and private sectors.

Public-sector employees are generally those paid directly by the state such as teachers and members of the armed forces. All others work in the private sector.

How much public-sector pay goes up usually depends on the recommendations of the Pay Review Bodies, following a one-year pay freeze in 2020-21.

  • Why are so many workers going on strike?

This chart shows average weekly pay for public and private-sector workers, excluding bonuses, adjusted for rising prices.

If you look at the total pay figures, which include bonuses, private sector pay has actually overtaken public sector.

That's because private sector workers are much more likely to receive bonuses than public sector workers and bonuses have been relatively high this year, particularly in finance and business services.

On the other hand, the figures also do not reflect the fact that public sector workers tend to have considerably better pension provision than private sector workers.

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