Elon Musk Retorts Sharply To Twitter Censorship Accusations: 'You're Such A Numbskull'

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2023-05-29 08:01:01  • 4 mins

Elon Muskbecame embroiled in a contentious dispute overTwitter'scensorship practices, firing back at a critic with a scathing retort.

What Happened:Musk, who has often positioned himself as a vocal advocate for free speech, responded with incensed fury when confronted with allegations of yielding tocensorship demands made by authoritarian governments.

During the weekend, Bloomberg columnist Matthew Yglesias took to Twitter and shared a report stating that sinceMusk took over Twitter in October last yearfor $44 billion, the microblogging site has approved 83% more censorship requests from governments such as Turkey and India.

Yglesias tweeted the report with the caption, Im a free speech absolutist,in a dig at Musk.

In response, Musk vehemently struck back at Yglesias, calling him a numbskull.

The tech billionaire challenged him to identify a single instance where they had the choice to exercise a genuine choice.

Yglesias defended his position, emphasizing that Musk had acquired Twitter with a professed commitment to free speech principles, but ultimately had the right to run the business as he saw fit.

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