What by-elections mean for Rishi Sunak as Boris Johnson and Nadine Dorries step down

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2023-06-10 10:27:56  • 5 mins

The immediate resignations of Boris Johnson and Nadine Dorries last night left Rishi Sunak facing two imminent by-elections.

And while his Conservative government commands a healthly 24,664 majority in Ms Dorries Mid Bedfordshire constituency, the situation is far more precarious in the former prime ministers seat of Uxbridge and South Ruislip.

Despite leading his party to an 80-seat majority in 2019 with the Get Brexit Done slogan, Mr Johnson - who blamed his departure on a witch hunt over the Partygate scandal - only won his seat by 7,210 votes.

Both Labour and the Liberal Democrats have made no secret of their desire to win the Greater London seat - and Sir Keir Starmer could well take it if his partys 23-point poll lead materialises.

How far, if at all, this poll lead will eat into support for the Tories in Ms Dorries true-blue constituency remains to be seen.

And after Mr Johnson said he was leaving parliament at least for now, it has even been speculated that he could return to stand as a candidate in his former culture secretarys old seat.

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