DUP: Jonathan Buckley and Gavin Robinson run for deputy leadership

2023-06-09 05:23:53  • 3 mins

Sir Jeffrey Donaldson has said the Democratic Unionist Party (DUP) is in "healthy shape" ahead of the election for its new deputy leader.

Paula Bradley has been the party's second in command since 2021 but is stepping down from the role.

East Belfast MP Gavin Robinson and Jonathan Buckley, who represents Upper Bann in the Stormont assembly, are in the running to replace her.

DUP MPs and assembly members are due to vote later at the party headquarters.

Ahead of the vote Sir Jeffrey said: "It's a healthy thing in a democratic political party that people have choice.

"It's a healthy sign that the DUP has young people like Gavin and Jonathan coming forward, wanting to take up senior positions."

Sir Jeffrey rejected any suggestion of a split in the party, adding that he had worked hard as leader to build unity over the past two years.

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