Driving Legislation Fails To Account For Medical Cannabis Legalization, A Report Finds - Uber Technologie

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2023-06-09 18:16:13  • 5 mins

The Cannabis Industry Council (CIC) calls for an urgent review of driving legislation in response to the legalization of medical cannabis.

According to the CIC, current driving legislation is deemed potentially discriminatory and outdated.

About The Report

The report titled 'Cannabis & Driving' highlights the need for updated guidelines following the legalization of medical cannabis in 2018. The Road Traffic Act 1988 places cannabis on the 'zero tolerance' list, with a legal limit of two micrograms per liter of blood, reportedBusiness Of Cannabis.

Blood and saliva tests are found to be inconsistent markers of impairment as cannabis can remain in the body for up to 30 days, per the report.

Call For Review

The CIC urges the government to urgently review the Road Traffic Act to protect the rights of medical cannabis patients.

Report author Frances Crewdson from Ananda Developments expresses concern over the risks faced by vulnerable patients due to outdated legislation.

Standardizing medical cannabis and driving guidelines to focus on impairment is proposed, rather than the current threshold limit for illegal drugs.

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