2023-01-24 18:23:13

Devoted Philp dies on his feet again defending the indefensible

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By John Crace

When the chips are down. When all else seems lost. At least Rishi Sunak will always have a Chris Philp. When they realised Nadhim Zahawi was not going to be fired and that Richard Sharp was not going to resign, most ministers ran for the hills. Switched off their phones. Hid under the duvet. Refused to answer the door. Just in case they were asked to go out on Tuesdays media round. They had their pride in a few cases, their self-worth to consider.

But not Philp. Not the ever loyal, hopelessly devoted to Rish!, junior policing minister. A man who has never passed a pile of cold sick he wasnt tempted to eat. Who would do anything ANYTHING to curry favour with the boss class. His not to wonder why, his but to do or die. And die he does, time and time again, on his feet as hes sent out to defend the indefensible. Either his short-term memory is completely shot and he has no recollection of his past failures or he genuinely doesnt care. Being humiliated on national TV and radio is a badge of honour.

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