2023-01-26 02:28:00

Dems Vote to Give States More Time on New Primary Calendar

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WASHINGTON (AP) A Democratic National Committee panel voted Wednesday to give New Hampshire and Georgia more time to make changes that would allow both to be part of a revamped group of five states leading off the party's presidential primary starting next year.

But even as they voted 25-0 to extend the compliance deadline until June 3, members of the DNC rules committee complained about New Hampshire's ongoing feud with the national party because the new calendar would cost it the chance to hold the nation's first primary.

The fight underscores how the effort to shake up the Democratic presidential primary could turn increasingly bitter, even at a time when the party will be counting on staying unified as it tries to hold the White House and Senate in 2024.

The DNC rules committee voted last month to approve a plan championed by President Joe Biden that would strip Iowas caucus of its traditional post leading off the primary and replace it with South Carolina, which would open primary voting on Feb. 3. New Hampshire and Nevada would hold primaries together three days later, with Georgia's primary coming Feb. 13 and Michigan's two weeks later. Most of the rest of the country would subsequently vote on Super Tuesday in early March.

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