2023-01-25 02:37:46

US Debt Ceiling: Biden Says Won't Let GOP 'Wreck' Economy

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By Bhavik Nair

Congressional Democrats are now reportedly pushing Republicans to come up with a proposal to increase the debt ceiling and avert a U.S. default after they met withPresident Joe Bidenon Tuesday.

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumersaid at theWhite House, One of the things we want to do on the debt ceiling is say to the Republicans: Show us your plan,accordingto Bloomberg. Lets see what their plan is on the debt ceiling."

PresidentJoe Bidenis yet to meet withHouse Speaker Kevin McCarthyin the wake of a Congress deadlock over the debt ceiling crisis. Biden has, however, asserted he would not allow Republicans to damage the economy, reported Bloomberg.

I have no intention of letting the Republicans wreck our economy, nor does everybody around the table, in my opinion, Biden said. Apparently, theyre genuinely serious about cutting Social Security, cutting Medicare, he added.

Meanwhile,Treasury Secretary Janet Yellenactivated yet another extraordinarycash management measureon Tuesday to avert breaching the federal debt limit.

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