Curaleaf Arizona Workers Rally For Rights On Heels Of Teamster Success In Cannabis Sector - Curaleaf Hold

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2023-09-18 16:22:14  • 4 mins

On Friday, a peaceful rally organized by United Food & Commercial Workers Local 99, a private-sector union, advocated for the rights of the striking workers at Curaleaf Holdings, Inc.'s CURA CURLF cannabis dispensary in Midtown, Arizona, reported the Arizona Republic.


According to employees, Curaleaf terminated worker Christian Tallabas for his union activity and the dispensaries' unilateral policy changes were the catalysts behind the Unfair Labor Practice strike.

"It really grinds my gears how we have corporate from Curaleaf standing right behind this window," Tallabas told protestors who gathered to strike. "I personally think it is really disgusting and you should see the look on their faces."

UFCW and Curaleaf employeesrequested the store's management to reinstate Tallabas and beginnegotiations for a union contract. More than a year has passed since workers decided to unionize.

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The lawsuit against a Navajo and a Taiwanese businessman claims the workers were forced into 14-hour shifts.
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