Conservatives threaten last-ditch Rules rebellion over debt deal

2023-05-30 16:04:39  • 5 mins

Kevin McCarthy likely has enough votes from both parties to pass his debt plan on the floor. That is, if he can get it there.

Lawmakers have returned to Washington for a vote on McCarthys bipartisan deal with President Joe Biden to avert an economy-shattering default, with the legislation set to come to the floor on Wednesday. As McCarthy works to lock down the 218 votes needed for passage, though, he also must navigate a major procedural hurdle pitting him against some of the most vocal conservatives in his party.

The powerful House Rules Committee will take up the bipartisan debt deal on Tuesday afternoon, requiring a simple majority of at least seven votes on the panel to come to the floor. But some conservatives, including Rep. Chip Roy (R-Texas), a committee member, are signaling they may use their power on that panel to block the debt plan from receiving a full House vote.

And more opposition could come Tuesday afternoon, when members of the Freedom Caucus are slated to hold a press conference to express their contempt for the negotiated deal.

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