Commissioners to run Birmingham city council, Michael Gove says

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2023-09-19 13:18:24  • 1 min

The government has announced it will send commissioners to run Birmingham city council, and launch a local inquiry, after the authority declared itself in effect bankrupt.

This month Britains largest local authority issued a section 114 notice declaring it did not have the resources to balance its budget because of a series of problems including a spiralling equal pay bill and IT failures.

It has a budget shortfall of 87m for the current financial year, projected to rise to 165m in 2024-25.

Michael Gove, the secretary for levelling up, housing and communities, announced on Tuesday that commissioners would preside over a financial recovery plan that could include the selling of council-owned assets, job cuts and a rise in council tax.

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Michael Gove has announced he will appoint commissioners to take over Birmingham City Council and will launch a local inquiry into the authority after it...
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