Chris Christie Calls Ron DeSantis A 'Big Government Republican'

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2023-09-06 07:14:02  • 3 mins

Chris Christie, former New Jersey Governor, has labeled his GOP presidential rivalRon DeSantis, the incumbent Florida Governor, as a big government Republican. The comments were made in an interview on CNBC, The Hillreported.

"I'm not a big government Republican, like Governor DeSantis is, who thinks that every time you disagree with a position that a corporation takes, you should take punitive action against them,"he said.

Christie criticized DeSantis for hisrecent disputes with corporations likeDisney. DeSantis had signed legislation to end Disneys power over a large area of land in Florida they owned and governed. This was after Disney opposed Floridas Dont Say Gay law. Disney subsequently sued DeSantis and other officials in April, alleging retaliation against their stance on the bill.

Christie also critiqued DeSantis on the amount of state spending in Florida. He contrasted his own tenure in New Jersey, where the spending increased byan average of 2% per year, to Floridas 30% risein the last five years.

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