CBI boss urges Sunak to show more ambition on economy

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2023-01-23 07:00:16  • 4 mins

The head of the UKs leading business organisation is to call for Rishi Sunak to show more ambition on the economy, warning that the country risks being left behind on green growth and that a cull of EU laws could scupper a recovery.

While stressing that he did not want to be seen as a doomster or gloomster, Tony Danker, director general of the Confederation of British Industry (CBI), is to use what the organisation is billing as a major speech to call for action on several fronts.

The comments, while carefully worded and pitched by the CBI as a positive set of ideas rather than direct criticism, will nonetheless be widely seen as a rebuke to No 10 and the Treasury.

Speaking at University College London on Monday, Danker will praise Sunak and the chancellor, Jeremy Hunt, for stabilising the economy after the impact of Liz Trusss disastrous autumn mini-budget, but will add that both now need to be more proactive.

Public services like the NHS, schools and transport require more investment, Danker will say, according to extracts of the speech briefed in advance, adding: But there isnt any more money, because there isnt any growth.

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