Braverman scraps Patels flagship asylum rules after less than a year because hers are stronger

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2023-06-08 19:56:38  • 4 mins

Suella Braverman is scrapping some of Priti Patels flagship asylum rules after less than a year in operation, as the government claims its new bill is considerably stronger.

In a written statement quietly published on the parliamentary website on Thursday afternoon, immigration minister Robert Jenrick said officials would stop affording refugees different rights on the basis of how they arrived in the UK.

He claimed the power was no longer needed because the new Illegal Migration Bill would be a considerably stronger means of discouraging small boat crossings.

But The Independent understands the policy had further slowed down asylum decisions, conflicting with Rishi Sunaks pledge to clear part of the asylum backlog by the end of this year.

Legal action had also been launched by several affected asylum seekers, who argued the policy amounted to unlawful discrimination and a breach of the United Nations Refugee Convention.

One of the lawyers involved in the legal action told The Independent he expected all cases now to be settled, in a huge waste of taxpayers money.

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