Its Boris Johnsons disheartening, shoddy honours list and it becomes him

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2023-06-09 18:57:30  • 3 mins

If nothing became Boris Johnson more than the manner of his leaving No 10, nothing says more about the political rot he accelerated than the honours list that trails behind him.

To scan the list is to relive the era of cronyism and maladministration that he inflicted on the country. It redefined the very idea of honours as a reward for public service, replacing it with the sort of cheap favour you bestow on friends by buying them a seaside hat or a round in the pub.

Sunak approves Boris Johnson honours list including aides linked to Partygate

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Priti Patel, who took the Tory hostile environment badge of shame and wore it as a badge of honour, who as home secretary presided over a degradation of policing that has become a crisis of public trust, becomes a Dame. Jacob Rees Mogg, chief apologist for the chaos and deficiencies of the Johnson years in government, gets a knighthood.

Amid the continuing search for answers as to why the response of his administration to Covid was so poor, Johnson unveils a list containing honours and preferment for some of his aides who allegedly joined him at No 10 in ignoring the safety rules they had imposed on the rest of the population. If they partied then; they will party even harder now.

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