Boris Johnson blasts Rishi Sunak amid speculation of possible comeback

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2023-06-09 20:12:58  • 2 mins

Boris Johnson has used his resignation statement to launch an all-out assault on Rishi Sunak amid speculation he could try and make a comeback.

The ex-PM, who quit over a watchdog investigation into his conduct, said he was leaving parliament, but added that this move was "for now".

He blasted Mr Sunak's leadership, suggesting the PM's administration was "afraid to be a properly Conservative government".

And he criticised decisions taken by the PM including the move to row back on plans to scrap EU laws and seek a free trade agreement with the US.

Mr Johnson's statement which came to over 1000 words will be seen by some as a personal manifesto and the platform for a possible future leadership challenge against embattled Mr Sunak.

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