Simple Recipes That Are Short on Budget, Big on Flavor

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2023-09-05 15:00:02  • 3 mins

Eric Kims shrimp fried rice puts those freezer goodies to good use, and kimchi chicken lettuce wraps come together with just five ingredients (and 25 minutes).

Hello, weeknight fans! This is Krysten, stepping in for Emily. Is this your first day back from vacation? Youre not alone. Here in New York, the last weeks of August feel so desolate that I half-expect a tumbleweed to cross my path. Then, come early September, everyone is back from their summery reveries, ready to get down to business.

And that return to reality may or may not include a look at those bank accounts. Are budgets a little tight after a European romp? Or maybe you, like me, didnt go anywhere, but still feel the ripple effects of inflation?

Im a firm believer that affordable meals dont have to come at the expense of deliciousness. These five dishes feel rich, fresh and sustaining, but wont break the bank.

1. Shrimp Fried Rice

This meal is a boon to those who keep their freezers stocked: Frozen shrimp and frozen mixed vegetables (and even frozen leftover rice!) can all work wonders in this abundant recipe from Eric Kim. I swap in a bag of frozen broccoli for some of the rice and feel especially grown-up until I spend 20 minutes making the same joke: You mean a shrimp fried this rice? (Do not forget the yum yum sauce, equal parts delicious and versatile.)

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