Recipes for Rosh Hashana

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2023-09-06 21:09:39  • 3 mins

An artists love of the fruit has culminated in two galleries and a self-published book of recipes.

On entering Oded Halahmys Pomegranate Gallery in New York City, the bright red fruit is all you see: some fresh, others dried, several plump bronze ones on top of huge religious sculptures. There are even some sewn on the caps Mr. Halahmy, 85, wears, along with the phrase pomegranate is love.

Recipe: Baked Fish With Pomegranate Sauce

Before you can look at his work closely, the artist, obsessed with the memory of pomegranates from his native Baghdad, may sit you down in front of five aluminum-cast bowls decorated with, you guessed it, pomegranates. Each contains dried berries, cookies, nuts or arils, the seed pods inside the nutrient-dense fruit.

He may tell you how he has traced the fruit as the apple in the biblical Garden of Eden and has been inspired by ancient Mesopotamian bas-reliefs at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, with some depicting Nimrod holding a pomegranate branch. (Nimrod, according to biblical legend, was a great-grandson of Noah.)

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