Love Letter: An Old Woman Raising Three Little Children

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2023-06-09 18:01:31  • 1 min

What if I abandon them again by dying?

Desiree Coopers grandchildren are her world. However, she never expected, or wanted, to be raising them on her own.

Find out more in Ms. Coopers bittersweet Modern Love essay, What if I Hadnt Been There to Catch Them?

Want to find out how Modern Love storytelling comes to life through text, TV and audio? Join the Modern Love editors Daniel Jones and Miya Lee and the Modern Love podcast host Anna Martin at this years Tribeca Festival in New York City.

On June 14, were hosting a program devoted to the world of Modern Love with a special guest, the actress Kim Cattrall, who will be reading one of her favorite Modern Love essays onstage.

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