A Funny Thing Happened on Her Way Out of a Comedy Club

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2023-06-09 04:00:09  • 5 mins

Sarah Berkman and Phillip Dinner were standing in a stairwell in New York when they bonded over Nashville. A little over a year later, they began living together in Nashville with her parents.

Phillip Michael Dinner first caught Sarah Tedi Berkmans eye at the Gotham Comedy Club in New York on Feb. 6, 2019. He was heading in, and she was heading out. He was wearing a hat that read NASH when they met at the bottom of the stairs.

I recognized the Nashville brand, Ms. Berkman said of the local apparel store.

A Nashville native herself, she asked if he was, too. He was not, but was moving there in two weeks. They chatted, mostly about hockey. He was in a hockey camp with Colton Sissons, who now plays with the Nashville Predators, when they were both in high school. She had always been a huge fan of the N.H.L. team.

As she left, she jokingly told him to say hello to Mr. Sissons and gave Mr. Dinner her Instagram handle.

He didnt have his phone on him, so I didnt think much of it until a few days later when I got a DM, Ms. Berkman said. I told Colton you said hello, it read. Mr. Dinner had not actually contacted the athlete, but she was beautiful and had the best personality in our short conversation, so I wanted to flirt with her, he said.

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