World's LEAST miserable countries revealed... and both the UK and US rank in the top 30!

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2023-05-28 09:06:27  • 3 mins

It's unrivalled as a nation when it comes to clockwork, chocolate and cheese.

But now there's another accolade Switzerland can brag about it is officially the least miserable country in the world.

That is according to an annual 'misery index', which ranks almost 160 countries on factors like unemployment figures, inflation and bank-lending rates.

The central European country, nestled in the heart of the Alps and home to roughly nine million people, has now ranked the among the top twenty for seven years in a row.

Switzerland is one of the richest nations in the world, blessed with one the highest life expectancies, a hugely-praised education system and stable economy.

Hankes Annual Misery Index ranked Kuwait second, Ireland third and Japan fourth.

Britain came 29th, however, after ranking fourth in 2021's edition.

Professor Steve Hanke, the economist behind the ranking, claimed that inflation which stood at 10.1 per cent in March has been a 'major contributing factor' to it sliding down the chart.

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