WHOs recommendation against the use of artificial sweeteners for weight loss leaves many questions unanswered

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2023-06-08 12:30:25  • 8 mins

Do low-calorie sweeteners help with weight management? And are they safe for long-term use?

This is among the most controversial topics in nutritional science. In early May 2023, the World Health Organization issued a statement that cautions against the use of nonsugar sweeteners for weight loss except for people who have preexisting diabetes.

The WHO based its new recommendation on a 2022 systematic review and meta-analysis of scientific studies on nonsugar sweetener consumption in humans. This type of study reviews a large body of research to draw a broad conclusion.

Based on its interpretation of that large-scale review, the WHO recommended against using artificial sweeteners for weight control and concluded that there may be health risks associated with habitual consumption of nonsugar sweeteners over the long term. However, the WHO also acknowledged that the existing evidence is not conclusive and that more research needs to be done.

As neuroscientists, we study how dietary factors such as sweeteners affect the brains ability to perform critical functions, including metabolism, appetite, and learning and memory.

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About a quarter of weight loss is typically from the loss of lean mass, like muscle and bone, which is essential for metabolism and preventing injury as we age.
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