And you thought Britain was a nanny state: UK ranks 11th in Europe

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2023-05-30 23:01:46  • 3 mins

Britain's nanny state is expanding with greater restrictions on junk food, tobacco and alcohol than many comparable countries, a study reveals.

The UK has the most restrictive tobacco regulation in Europe and the second harshest food and drink rules, according to the 2023 Nanny State Index.

It ranks in the middle of the pack, at 13th out of 30, for alcohol restrictions but has among the highest alcohol taxes.

Overall, the UK is now the 11th most meddlesome country for lifestyle restrictions, up one spot since the last ranking in 2021.

However, the UK and Ireland have the most liberal policies on e-cigarettes, the research by the Institute of Economic Affairs and the European Policy Information Centre shows.

Turkey is the most restrictive place to eat, drink, smoke and vape in Europe, while Germany is the most liberal.

The league table gives each European country a score out of 100 according to how it regulates private lifestyle choices.

The UK is ranked the worst country in Europe to be a smoker due to its high taxes, plain packaging and smoking ban.

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