The surprising five foods you CAN safely eat past their use by date

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2023-06-10 08:55:22  • 15 mins

You might have heard milk is safe to drink after its use by date.

But are you aware that the same logic applies to eggs, yoghurt and even bread, too?

Best before rather than use-by dates already appear on a range of products, like frozen, dried and tinned food.

The Food Standards Agency encourages people to use 'sensory cues' to determine if such food are fine to eat. This includes the old-fashioned 'sniff test', which M&S now says customers should use for its milk after it ditched use-by labels.

However, this approach does not apply to items with a use-by date, as even if it looks and smells fine, it can contain bugs that cause food poisoning.

But which other foods can you safely eat after their use by date?


More than 700million eggs, costing 139million, are thrown away every year due to over-reliance on 'best before' dates.

The Food Standards Agency advises eggs are safe to eat for 'a couple of days after' the best before date 'if they are cooked well'.

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