Novo Nordisk's Weight Loss Drug Wegovy In Short Supply, Yet Goes Ahead With UK Launch - Novo Nordisk (NYS

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2023-09-05 12:36:18  • 3 mins

On Monday,Novo Nordisk A/SNVOintroducedits popular weight loss drug Wegovy (semaglutide injection) in the U.K., making it accessible through the National Health Service (NHS) weight management scheme for free prescriptions and in the private market.

However, the company has acknowledged that supply constraints will persistin the foreseeable future.

Some doctors express discomfort about Wegovy's private availability when substantial demand exists within the NHS.

Obesity rates in the U.K. are among the highest in Europe, with significant disparities between more affluent and less affluent areas.

Access to specialist weight management services within the NHS is limited, and individuals facing socioeconomic or language barriers may find itchallenging to access these services.

The implications of Wegovy being available privately, alongside its availability through the NHS, remain unclear.

Novo Nordisk is actively working to persuade European governments and insurers to reimburse Wegovy, positioning it as more than just a lifestyle drug.

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