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Ellie Mental Health Releases New Guide on How to Spot the Signs of Gaslighting

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Identifying gaslighting

MENDOTA HEIGHTS, MINNESOTA , UNITED STATES, January 25, 2023 /EINPresswire.com/ -- Ellie Mental Health just released new information on how to spot the signs of gaslighting. And as this form of manipulation is fairly common and hard to detect, knowing how to spot the signs of gaslighting is invaluable for self-protection.

Gaslighting is a term that references a 1944 film titled Gaslight, in which a womans husband attempts to make her think shes going crazy so he can steal from her by dimming gaslights on occasion making her think shes imagining things. Thus, the term gaslight is now entered into popular culture.

The effects of gaslighting can be detrimental to a persons psyche and well-being. In fact, this form of manipulation is often done with malicious intentions often in order to get something, or as a deflection from the truth.

The easiest way to tell if gaslighting is happening is by paying attention to the phrases that people use when confronted about a situation or problem. And a few of these phrases that may denote when someone is being gaslit include:

Youre just being paranoid.
Do you really think Id make that up?
You hurt me on purpose.
Youre crazy. That never happened.
You know thats not what I meant.

What all of these phrases and responses have in common is that they are complete redirections of the truth, or an attempt to make another person question themselves, their thoughts and memory, or reality itself.

Thankfully, keeping safe from gaslighting can be easily accomplished by paying attention to actions instead of words. And this is because when someone attempts to gaslight another person, they often attempt to shift the focus away from them and turn the conversation back on the accuser. And these actions are usually the first indications that something is just not right.

Ellie Mental health can help you cope if you feel as though youre being manipulated through a gaslighting attempt. With mental health clinics nationwide and a unique and fun approach to mental healthcare, Ellie Mental Health offers assistance to everyone dealing with issues affecting the mind. If youd like to learn more, reach out to Ellie Mental Health right here on the company website.

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