No more Dr Google! Medical student creates an AI search tool 'more reliable health information'

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2023-06-10 12:46:51  • 3 mins

Millions of us already trust Dr Google, but now there's a new online doctor in town.

A British medical student has created an AI chatbot which claims to provide 'more reliable health information' than the search engine.

BTRU pronounced Better You trawls through pages from the likes of the World Health Organization to give users personalised answers, just like ChatGPT.

Ian Soh, 22, who is in his penultimate year at St George's Medical Hospital in south London, insists the bot he has created is 'reliable'.

He said: 'I believe in a time when people can take control of their health, find reliable health information and make sense of their health, no matter their background.'

But experts today insisted AI medical advice will never be able to replace that of a human doctor.

Gynaecologist Narendra Pisal said that knowing someone's personal history is 'vital' to diagnosis.

Mr Pisa, of the private London Gynaecology clinic, said: 'This is one of the reasons why AI will not replace medical expertise.

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