Doctors said my three-year-old had constipation - but it turned out to be stage four cancer

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2023-06-09 11:07:10  • 3 mins

A toddler's cancer was misdiagnosed as constipation by blundering NHS medics.

Ella Formby-Smith, three, had been 'back and forth' to hospital since she was born with crippling stomach pain.

But medics initially assumed Ella's agony was just down to a viral infection or even constipation, her mother Claire claims.

Ella was eventually diagnosed with stage-four neuroblastoma an aggressive type of cancer, in March after deteriorating so badly that she was 'crying with pain curled up in bed'.

Chiefs at Warrington Hospital, where Ella's cancer was missed, have now launched an inquiry into claims that doctors repeatedly missed crucial warning signs of Ella's cancer.

Ms Formby, from Runcorn, Cheshire, said: 'We have been told she could have been born with this.

'Im just feeling so let down with the number of times weve been back and forth.

'I just can't get my head around how its not been detected in three years of going to hospital with stomach problems.'

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