It nearly crushed me: Brett Sutton resigns as Victorias chief health officer

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2023-06-09 08:24:45  • 4 mins

Victorias chief health officer, Brett Sutton, says there were moments during his time as the face of the states Covid-19 response that would have crushed him were it not for the support of his family, as he announced his resignation on Friday.

Sutton said he would be leaving the Department of Health after 12 years to take up a position as director of health and biosecurity at the CSIRO from September.

Appointed as chief health officer in 2019, he was responsible for overseeing the Victorias response to the Covid-19 pandemic, which included one of the worlds longest lockdowns and restrictions such as a curfew and five-kilometre travel limit.

His position garnered him celebrity status, but also made him the target of conspiracy theories and death threats.

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Sutton said the pressure of the public role, including fronting near-daily press conferences and inquiries, took a toll on him and his family.

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