Cannabis-linked car crashes spike 500 PERCENT when you legalize weed, 'concerning' study suggests

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2023-09-06 16:49:32  • 4 mins

Relaxing cannabis laws appears to lead to a massive spike in serious car crashes, a study suggests.

Researchers inCanadafound that hospital visits after weed-related accidents spiked 500 percent from 2010 to 2021, when the drug was gradually legalized and restrictions on sales lifted.

The upticks were especially staggering in the years immediately following the Canadian governments move in 2018 to completely legalize the drug.

At the same time, hospital visits after crashes involving alcoholhave remained steady over the years, which the researchers said suggested that cannabis use has overtaken alcohol when it comes to the leading causes of bad car crashes.

Cannabis has not been federally decriminalized in the US as it has in Canada, though nearly half of all states have legalized it.

Recent figures in American show that legal weed has also led to anexplosion in fatal car accidents.

For the latest study, researchers from the Ottawa Hospital and the Bruyre Research Institute in Ontario set out to determine how different phases of marijuana legalization affected the number of car crash injuries requiring a doctors attention.

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