What is Brucella canis and how can it spread from dogs as humans infected in UK first

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2023-09-19 15:58:11  • 3 mins

Three Britons have contracted a rare disease usually confined to dogs.

Brucella canis, a bacterial infection that causes pain, lameness and infertility in canines has spread to three people in the UK.

The incurable disease spreads through contact with an infected animals fluids. Although human infections are usually mild, it can potentially result in meningitis and septicemia in severe cases.

Wendy Hayes, from Stoke-on-Trent, is believed to be the first person to be diagnosed with the infection in the UK last year and was forced to put down her five family dogs.

Since summer 2020, there has been an increasing number of reports ofBrucella canisinfection in dogs; the majority of which have been directly imported into the UK from Eastern Europe.

With the disease spreading to humans for the first time in the UK, The Independent explains below what Brucella canis is and how to spot it.

Brucella canis is a bacterial infection mainly found in dogs. It was discovered in 1966 during an investigation of beagles miscarrying in the US.

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