Travis Kelce reveals his biggest turnoffs amid Taylor Swift dating rumors

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2023-09-19 18:01:40  • 3 mins

Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce revealed his biggest turnoffs amid reports he is dating Taylor Swift.

Kelce, 33, who has reportedly been 'hanging out' with the pop sensation, also 33, opened up on dating during an appearance on Kristin Cavallari's Let's Be Honest podcast.

The Chiefs star revealed what would and wouldn't make sparks fly in a relationship for him.

The two-time Super Bowl winner said 'high maintenance' would have him running for a getaway car.

'High maintenance, I'm out the door,' he said. 'If you're arrogant, snooty or just higher or above people, that's the biggest turn-off for me.'

Kelce added that he would be enchanted by 'some sort of sweetness' in a partner, explaining that his mom, Donna, is 'kind-hearted.'

The eight-time pro bowler added that he's guarded fortress when entering into a relationship.

He said that he would look to take things slow, explaining:'To really dive into a relationship with somebody I feel like it's going to take at least, I don't know, it's going to take some time.

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