2022-11-25 08:00:14

Qataris Say Criticism of Country Amid World Cup Is Rooted in Stereotypes

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By Vivian Nereim

Many in the country say the barrage of criticism about its human rights record and the exploitation of migrant workers is laced with discrimination and hypocrisy.

When the singer Rod Stewart was offered more than $1 million to perform in Qatar, he said, he turned it down.

Its not right to go, Mr. Stewart told the The Sunday Times of London recently, joining a string of public figures to declare boycotts or express condemnation of Qatar as the Gulf nation hosts the soccer World Cup.

In the prelude to the tournament, which started this past weekend, Qatar has faced an increasing barrage of criticism over its human rights record, including the authoritarian monarchys criminalization of homosexuality and the well-documented abuse of migrant workers.

Yet Mr. Stewart voiced no such disapproval when he performed in 2010 in Dubai or 2017 in Abu Dhabi, cities in the nearby United Arab Emirates a country that also has an authoritarian monarchy and has faced allegations of human rights violations but that has more successfully cultivated a Western-friendly image. Mr. Stewart declined a request for comment through his public relations firm.

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