2022-11-24 14:54:00

Iran manager confronts BBC reporter: 'Why don't you ask Southgate about Afghanistan?'

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Carlos Queiroz confronted a BBC journalist after another press conference was dominated by questions over political issues in Iran.

Approaching the journalist at the end of his pre-match press conference to preview Fridays game against Wales, the Iran head coach demanded to know why other managers, including Englands Gareth Southgate, do not face similar questions on political situations.

Footage captured by other journalists in the room showed an irritated but calm Queiroz saying to BBC reporter Shaimaa Khalil: Why you dont ask to Southgate these kind of questions?

I am talking with you. I ask the pleasure to talk with you. I am asking one thing to you now, the press conference is finished. Do you think it is fair also to ask other questions to other coaches?

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