Eight footballers who can't stand the game from pub goer to golf-loving Gareth Bale

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2023-09-11 12:50:12  • 6 mins

Most football supporters would give their right arm to play the sport for a living, so the fact that there are top pros out there who couldn't give a toss about their job is a bit grating.

Despite it being one of the most glamourous and well-paid jobs on the planet, plenty of top-level footballers have admitted they don't much care for the beautiful game, as bonkers as that seems.

Whether they hate the lifestyle, the very notion of kicking a ball about, or they simply that their heart belongs to another game, a decent number of the world's very best stars have admitted being totally indifferent about the sport they dedicated almost all of their young life to.

So without further ado, here are eight footballers who don't actually like football.

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Former Chelsea and Manchester City defender Wayne Bridge is the latest self-confessed football apathist after admitting on That Peter Crouch Podcast that watching the sport "bores" him.

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