2022-11-25 06:14:13

Cowboys Jerry Jones addresses photo being part of group of white students blocking black students

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By Tyrell Feaster

Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones has addressed a controversial photo of him recently uncovered by the Washington Post.

In the photo Jones can be seen standing in a group of white students attempting to prevent six African-American students entering and integrating the school.

Following the Thanksgiving Day game against the Giants Jones commented on the picture saying:'That was 65 years ago. I had no idea when I walked up what we were doing. It's just a reminder to me of how to improve and do things the right way.'

Jones had previously admitted that it was him in the picture from 1957 and said'I don't know that I or anybody anticipated or had a background of knowing what was involved,' he said. 'It was more a curious thing.'

In the picture Jones is clearly looking on from behind an older group of students and whether or not he played a farther role in the incident is unknown.

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