Whether They Want to or Not New Yorkers May Soon Have to Compost

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2023-06-08 13:00:10  • 5 mins

The City Council is set to pass a bill on Thursday requiring New Yorkers to separate their food waste from regular trash, much as they do with recyclable items.

For New Yorkers, the citys war on trash is about to hit home.

On Thursday, the New York City Council is expected to approve a bill that will require New Yorkers to separate their food waste from regular trash, much as they already do with recyclable items. The residential mandate would roll out borough by borough, starting with Brooklyn and Queens this October, followed by the Bronx and Staten Island in March 2024, and Manhattan that October.

The goal is to reduce the amount of organic waste the city sends to landfills, where it produces a particularly potent greenhouse gas called methane.

The timing roughly approximates the rollout of the mayors previously announced citywide composting program, but the two differ in one important aspect: The mayors plan is voluntary.

Although some experts believe that making the program mandatory is key to its financial sustainability, the mayors administration believes that New Yorkers need time to adjust to a new regimen. It is unclear if Mr. Adams will sign the bill, but it appears to have enough support to override a mayoral veto.

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