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Late Night Predicts a Tough Thanksgiving

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By Trish Bendix

For the humans, theres inflation; for the turkeys, theres avian flu. To be fair, Im pretty sure every Thanksgiving is a tough one for turkey, said Stephen Colbert.

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Thank$giving 2022

Thanksgiving will be affected by inflation this year.

In his Wednesday night monologue, Stephen Colbert attributed that to a variety of factors, including the war in Ukraine, high fuel prices. But the number one factor, according to experts, is Hunter Bidens laptop.

In other words, its going to cost you an arm and a leg for a wing and a thigh. JAMES CORDEN

This year, your Thanksgiving might look a little different, because prices are up on almost everything, from frozen pie crusts to pumpkin pie mix to a dozen dinner rolls. Well, there goes my favorite dessert: a dozen dinner rolls. STEPHEN COLBERT

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Business / FinanceBy Dee Ann Durbin2022-11-16 16:32:16
Avian flu alone has killed 49 million turkeys this year. Talk about Thanksgiving being ruined.

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Cooking Thanksgiving dinner will be more expensive this year thanks to inflation but the traditional main course has soared in price for another reason....

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Americans Arent Letting Inflation Interrupt Their Thanksgiving Holiday costs from groceries to travel are up, and consumers have been willing to pay them. By...

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We are a day away from Thanksgiving Day, which kicks off the holiday season. Americans join their extended families and give thanks for the good things they...

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Despite rising turkey prices, most Americans still want to serve up the classic bird for Thanksgiving dinner. But some could save time, energy and even a...

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Key Points With grocery prices over 12% higher than a year ago, Thanksgiving is hitting households a lot harder in 2022. Prices for staples like turkey,...

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Image source: Getty Images Holiday season is fast approaching and it could prove to be an expensive one. The cost of many Thanksgiving ingredients have...

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Inflexible demand, jet fuel prices and labor costs are all contributing to higher airfare.

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Because of inflation and the ensuing soaring food prices, this year, some analysts say it might be cheaper to dine out for Thanksgiving. Indeed, a new IRI...

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Image source: Getty Images Thanksgiving is one of those holidays that many people look forward to. The food is abundant, the company is fun, and the day off...

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By DEE-ANN DURBIN, AP Business Writer In early November, Hays Culbreths mother sent a poll to a few family members. She said she could only afford to make...

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(Bloomberg) -- Although inflation may be tapering in certain sectors, its still taking quite a bite out of the holiday meal. Thanksgiving dinner will cost a...

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Despite reports that many Americans will be altering their Thanksgiving plans by gathering with friends over pizza (or skipping the holiday altogether) to...

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EntertainmentBy Trish Bendix2022-11-09 07:02:36
Stephen Colbert said that the midterms looked less like a red wave of Republican victories and more like a pink trickle. Welcome to Best of Late Night, a...

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PoliticsBy Andrew Torgan2022-11-20 13:55:28
CNN — If you havent done your shopping for Thanksgiving dinner yet, youd better brace yourself: The price of turkey and all the trimmings is up a whopping...

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Business / FinanceBy Go Banking Rates2022-11-01 16:15:01
As inflation, avian flu and supply chain issues are driving turkey prices higher than they have been in the past five years, some people are seeking...

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New York CNN Business — Thanksgiving dinner will cost a whopping 20% more than it did last year, according to a new survey released Wednesday by the American...

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LifestyleBy Margaux Laskey2022-11-02 21:09:01
You dont have to spend a lot to create a spectacular, inflation-friendly holiday menu. Thanksgiving, for a lot of us, means a glistening table practically...