Wales consults on rent controls for private tenants

2023-06-08 21:58:50  • 4 mins

By David Deans

BBC Wales political reporter

Restrictions on the rent private landlords can charge tenants are being considered by the Welsh government.

There are no firm plans but officials want to hear from the public and landlords on a range of ideas, including price ceilings and freezes.

It comes as rents continue to rise, with figures showing the highest annual percentage increase since at least 2010.

Landlords warn rent controls would be a "disaster".

But a tenants' group argued controls would be the "bare minimum" government could do.

Although controls exist in the social housing sector, there has been no law regulating rent increases on homes in Wales rented from private landlords for decades.

Rent controls are in place in Scotland, where increases for existing tenants are capped at 3%.

The Welsh government is consulting on the issue as part of a wider "green paper" on housing, looking at how ministers can help both landlords and tenants.

Another consultation will take place next year on what a new law might be - part of the Welsh government's co-operation deal with Plaid Cymru.

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