Vapes: Claim pupils are leaving lessons to use e-cigarettes in toilets

2023-09-06 18:55:57  • 2 mins

Vape-addicted children are so hooked on using e-cigarettes some can't get through school lessons without them, Public Health Wales (PHW) has said.

The NHS trust said some pupils used them when they woke at night while some schools had to make toilets off limits.

In a survey it found 9-10% of year seven and year 10 pupils vaped daily.

Research by other organisations focusing on weekly use has shown an increase to around 8% among 11-18-year-olds.

PHW's health improvement director, Dr Julie Bishop, said pupils were using school toilets to vape in between and during lessons.

"That means [schools] have had to take other action like make the toilets off limits," she said.

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"That has other consequences for children and young people's wellbeing.

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